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José Cruz, Artistic Director


"A bridge to new concepts & activities in Dance Art Form.

A new vision for inspiration. "

José Cruz Dance Art Projects
3rd International Dance Summer Course JC DAP

19th to 31st of July, 2021


3rd International Dance Summer Course

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Art & Stage
Ensalada De Otoño

Lunch Break


We are pleased to announce that this year we offer you the possibility to join THE LIGHTHOUSE CLUB LUNCH:


A healthy lunch break in the cafeteria or terrace of the IAB-Sitges facilities.


A fresh catering of the day - specially designed and prepared for our Dance Summer Course.


Opening the attached PDF link, you will find the menu for each day from Monday to Saturday for both weeks.  

Menu of the day with 2 options: The option where the (V) is included is always vegetarian.

To this menu of the day, we will always add fruit or white yoghurt, whichever you choose, plus an energy bar.

Participants and family members will receive an informative email with more details about the order possibilities. 

Dancing and self-care is essential. 

Lunch break
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