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Philosophy, vision & mission

Our philosophy is to promote educational activities that offer opportunities for multiple forms of exchange.


Providing a high level of excellence, JC Dance Art Projects offers creative freedom to develop pedagogical and artistic activities thru the presence of internationally renowned professionals in the performing arts. A team whose main objective is to help with dedication and passion our future performers to use their maximum potential.

The engine of the project, accompanied by a network of international exchange and collaboration, involves the artistic inspiration in a global net of educational experiences, that enhance the personality and essence of the participants in conjunction of constructive values and true vocation.

 The mission of the different activities is to promote and motivate students to be able to learn and improve themselves during their training, using the generosity and contribution of tools, that give brightness to a dynamic interaction, and with programs which grow and develop in a professional environment of harmony and cooperation

Create a good coexistence with the diversity of profiles and styles of work dressed in versatility and give freedom to find forms of expression through the art of dance. 

The optimization of the artistic training processes of dance requires updated and innovative methods that increase and consolidate the artistic and cultural objectives, in relation to the needs and challenges generated and constantly changing in the professional and social field.


My vision of dance is presented, within the educational field, as an activity with innumerable values. Professional dance could be described as the talent of a triumphant intelligence.  


"The path is the destination"

José Cruz CV

José Cruz - Professional career

Born in Barcelona, he begins his academic training at the Instituto del Teatro de Barcelona and completes his studies obtaining an honorary degree from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza de Madrid. He is also admitted to study at the John Cranko School-Stuttgart.

He has studied with prestigious teachers such as Woytek Lowsky, David Howard, Alexander Minz, Victor Ullate, Karemia Moreno, Serge Golovine, Neus Lopez, among others.

His professional career as a soloist and principal dancer has taken him to different companies of international prestige: Ballet del Gran Teatro del Liceo, Compañía Nacional de Danza de Madrid, Monte Carlo Ballet, Berlin Ballet,  Zurich Ballet, Royal Ballet of Flanders, Basel Ballet, Royal Ballet of Sweden, Victor Ullate Ballet, Zaragoza Ballet and Phoenix Ballet.

He worked with elite directors and choreographers, dancing an extensive traditional classical, neoclassical and contemporary repertoire such as: Uwe Scholz, Mats Ek, Maurice Bejart, William Forshythe, George Balanchine, Marius Petipa, Peter Schaufus, Nacho Duato, Jiri Kylian, John Neumaier, Hans Spoerli, Frederik Ashton, Leonid Massine, Jean- Chistophe Maillot, Valery  Panov, Michel Fokine, Roland  Petit and  Mauro  Galindo among others.

During his period in the mentioned companies he is also invited to different international galas, dancing and sharing the stage with prestigious dancers as: Ana Laguna, Trinidad Sevillano, Rudolf Nureyev, Vladimir Derevianko, Noella Pontois, Marcia Haydee, Xona Mirk, Eva Evdokimova, Bernice Coppiters, Paola Cantalupo, Yoko Morishita and Maximiliano Gerra among others.

Guest dancer at the International Dance Festival of Paris- Théatre des Champs-Elysées, The Armitage Foundation in New York, Gala at Théatre de la Maison de la Culture-Paris, Gala de Estrellas at the Palacio de Festivales-Santander, Gala at festival- Madrid Danza-Teatro Albéniz.

During his career he obtains outstanding reviews and interviews in newspapers and magazines such as Dance Magazine, El País and La Vanguardia among others. He was invited to dance and be interviewed by television channels as  TV 3 Catalonia, RTVE Spain, Swedish Television, French Television TF1- Circulo de Media Noche  among others.  

 He continues his career as a teacher and choreographer, invited by different companies and conservatories at international and national level as: Compañia Nacional de Danza-Madrid, Semperoper Ballet-Dresden, Berlin Ballet, Frankfurt Ballet, Royal Professional Dance Conservatory of Madrid, Palucca Hochschule- Dresden, Victor Ullate Ballet Madrid, Carmen Roche Ballet Madrid, Rosella Hightower Cannes-Jury member in final exams and teacher, Royal Swedish Ballet-Stockholm, Antonio Marquez Company-Madrid, Tanz Haus Dusseldorf, Association of Professionals-Madrid   and Institute of the Arts Barcelona  in Sitges.

His creation “Made in Spain” has been awarded with Jurys Special Mention during the Concurso Iberamericano de Coreografia CIC de la Havana/Cuba.

Being an associate member of the SGAE- Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, he was nominated as best dancer and choreographer for the choreography “El lenguaje de las lagrimas” featuring  Trinidad Sevillano at the MAX awards in Madrid, broadcast by RTVE. 


He participates in different congresses, teacher meetings and advance pedagogy and methodology trainings such as Royal Ballet School-London, ABT- New York with Cynthia Harvey and Olga Melnikova.

Invited by the directress Mavis Staines to participate in the International Assembly of Toronto-Canada- Canada's National Ballet School with the choreography “Eleganza” and as a guest teacher in classical dance boy’s technique. 

Invited by the association LICEX BALLET as choreographer during the tribute to Joan Magrinyà at Teatro Principal de Vilanova.


Participates as guest of honour for his professional career in the Forum de Pedagogia de Artes y Tecnicas del Espectaculo intervening in the act of inauguration of the Centenary of the Institut del Teatre in the Theater Ovidi Montllor-Barcelona. 

He was invited by director Jason Beechey to work for three years at the University for Dance in Dresden - Palucca Hochshule as a specialist in classical dance and choreographer, creating choreographies for the school's performance at the Semperoper Theatre in Dresden and the international program “Meet the Artist” such as "Veloce", “Meeting Point”, "Entre" and "Solo". He formed part of the methodology commission of the university, assisting in preparations of choreographies created by George Balanchine, David Dawson and William Forsythe, worked as mentor for the students of Master of Dance Pedagogy and was preparing as coach young talents for the Prix de Lausanne. 


With a degree in Choreography and Pedagogy, he obtained a permanent employment contract to work at the EESA-CPD-Conservatorio Profesional de Danza/ Instituto del Teatro (Diputación de Barcelona) with the title of Senior Technician Specialist in Classical Dance.

In this institution, he was part of the direction team for seven years as head of the classical department   and artistic coordinator of the school.  He is currently in charge of international relations and teaching classical dance, improvisation, pas de deux, boys technique, repertoire and variations, as well as preparing the students for auditions and competitions and continuing his choreographic work. 

He is currently the Artistic Director of JC Dance Art Projects and continues both as a teacher and guest choreographer internationally. 

JC Dance


The essence of my artistic profile as a dancer could be summed up as the true vocation and passion of my life.


A way of existence always accompanied by perseverance, dedication and an ephemeral effort, since it was always more necessity  than  obligation.


A way full of learning and experiences to become who I am today.


A path that - despite my age - has no end.  An inspiration that transforms   and matures, but always continue, and never stops to move inside of me.


Dance opened the doors to my emotions.  The stage to the home of my soul. 

The applause of the audience to the sound of human value.

JC Choreographer

My creations, more neoclassical and contemporary in style, are influenced by the spirit given in the movement, empowering the talent and encouraging the dancers search for identity within the choreographic al proposal.

I take care of the contribution of elegance and aesthetic beauty in the forms and purity of gestures, connecting them to the emotions and expressiveness, but without dramatic aspects and avoiding pantomime and artificiality.


Sensations inside a strict musicality and organic coordination.


I create when I imagine a succession of visions which intertwine and turn into contents. The art becoming alive dressing itself with real images; projection of its real essence through movement.


The art of choreography is for me a range full of objectives, a generous temple of attitudes, infinite communication where the voice is the soul of the dancer.

"Breaking the barriers that traditionally exist between classical dance and contemporary dance and defining a culmination of both"

JC Master


I consider that the teacher can very well transmit to the student with passion and security all the knowledge and experience that the artistic educator conquers in himself.


To cultivate the technical and artistic facets requires methodology that is constantly updated, participatory and flexible towards the diversity.

An implementation rich in originality, creativity and vision, to create an ambience of confidence and motivation, activating the student’s skills to become autonomous and thinking dancers. 


My wish is to impart the best tools to the future performers, so they can obtain an educational development enhanced with generosity, as well as high level of human and artistic values.


In my method,  tradition and academicism merge with the new tendencies and needs of today's dancers providing different styles of work, so  the young talents can be placed  in a  constructive, honest and excellent environment for their evolution.


Letter of recommendation by Jason Beechey, Director of Palucca Hochschule für Tanz Dresden




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