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José Cruz

Artistic Director

Esmeralda Maycas..jpg

Esmeralda Maycas

Pedagogical Director



Mihau Lizak

General Manager


Zoran Markovic

Perfomance Coordinator


Alma Cruz Tolleson

Social & Media Designer

Roberto Saraceno, Asesor Comercial & Urb

Roberto Saraceno

Commercial & Urban Dance Advisor

Director Key Art Management


Ana Gascoigne

Public Relations

Elisa Gómez_edited.jpg

Elisa Gómez

Nutritionist specialized in dancers.


Private Coaching

Privat Coaching Program- PCP

Individual coaching in dance means to give an impulse to the own objectives and to take sustained action to promote the development of one's own physical and artistic personality, which empowered thru interactive communication can  be applied  in every artistic and creative process of dance.


An interactive feedback means a retroactive communication that, by awakening the student's self-criticism, allows him/her to reflect, to design and prioritize the goals, taking an important initiative in the own  artistic development.


The philosophy of work presents a possibility of helping the individual development of the student, allowing him to unfold different facets of his personality. The object is to promote individual potential of the young dancers, reaffirming their qualities and competences, as well as reflecting on their deficits and giving them the necessary support to improve them.


Educating individual talent by activating its skills, tenaciously applying the acquired abilities, exploring their own inner voice and instinct through dance.


Joan Jansana

Training sections

Nowadays a lot is demanded from a dancer. They must master several techniques and make use of them, making personal proposals through them and become a juggler who plays freely with all the acquired knowledge, interrelation of subjects and styles.

To give impulse to the own objectives, a sustained action to the development of one's own artistic personality.

- Private lessons

- Preparation for competitions

- Preparation for auditions

- Creation of choreographic solos, enhancing their technical and artistic profile

- Online or in-person coaching with teachers associated to the project.

Coach & Action.

Prix de Lausanne

Prix de Lausanne

Pablo Bueno - Prix de Lausanne
Niklas Jendrics-Prix de Lausanne..jpg

Pablo Bueno - 2021

Conservatory for Professional Dance / IT. BCN

Niklas Jendrics - 2017

Palucca University for dance / Dresden

International Relations

International Relations Program

Future job placement in companies or other advanced training schools requires a very personalized preparation and follow-up.

The objective in collaboration with all the prestigious professionals associated with the project - teachers, directors, assistants and choreographers - are essential when assessing and promoting our future artists.

A consistent network of contacts, which form an international network to provide opportunities in the following areas:

  •  Individual tutoring

  • CV preparation

  • Temporary internships in Companies and Schools

  • Forwarding of filmed material with feedback from our artistic advisors and teachers

1st & 2nd Course

1st & 2nd International Dance Summer Course

The essence of our Summer Dance Courses is to promote and motivate dancers, so that they are able to learn and put into practice a wide variety of skills and styles.


Mine and my team's vision for these events is to teach our students to discern and understand different proposals using innovative and updated methods.


Our mission is to help dancers to become a versatile profile; this is linked to the demands that a young professional dancer can find in today's professional world.

2º poster.png
2nd course poster-01.png

Summer 2020 campaign

1st International Dance Summer Course Videos

Guest Teachers

Guest Teachers


José Cruz

Artistic Director -DAP

International Teacher-Coach & Choreographer


Jason Beechey


Dancer & Teacher

Director Palucca Hochschule für Tanz -Dresden


Esmeralda Maycas


Dancer & Teacher-Coach


Keith Moreno

International Teacher -

Contemporary & Gaga


Sandra Marin


Dancer & Teacher

Assistant for

Crystal Pyte's repertoire


Zoran Markovic


Dancer & Teacher

Assistant for

Johan Inger's repertoire


Vicky Saiz




Marta Duró

Pilates for Dancers


Josianne Fleming

International Teacher -

Horton Technique

IAB Facilities

IAB facilities

Our International Summer Courses are held in the wonderful facilities of the Institute of Arts of Barcelona-Sitges

3rd Summer Course

3rd International Summer Course:

Dance & Holidays


Pablo Bueno

JC Dance Art Projects in collaboration with the Institute of Arts of Barcelona-Sitges , welcomes you to our 3rd International Dance Summer Course , presenting the new event Dance & Holidays .


From July 19 to 31, 2021 , our organizational team is committed to offer you a new pedagogical and artistic activity, promoting the talent and motivation of our participants.

Together with a prestigious team of invited professionals the doors will be open to work with different styles and updated methods in relation to the versatility needed by today's dancers. A way of learning  which generates capacities and improvements in the different techniques of the classes and improves the creative intuition.


Dance & Holidays is aimed at Classical-Contemporary dancers who are interested in a project of fusion and diversity of profiles, working in a constructive professional environment and in an experience of human-artistic coexistence.


The wonderful facilities of IAB-Sitges - only 30 minutes away from the city  Barcelona -  offer a perfect and luminous space that favours a relaxing and harmonious working environment (see  video on our  website referring to “ Facilities”).


After school hours, the seaside town of Sitges is an ideal place to enjoy the sea and a holiday atmosphere. Our proposal will include the possibility to stay in a hotel or apartments  associated with our project offering a discount for participants and their families.  Information and links can also be found on our website.  


Your trust helps our projects come to life, thank you.

July 31 at 5:00 p.m.

IAB Sitges Theater-Institute of the Arts Barcelona

Ticket price: € 10 in cash

Our idea for a show at the end of the 3rd International Dance Summer Course is a proposal for an educational activity based on an updated and versatile concept. 

Keeping the pedagogical and artistic strategy in mind and to continue learning from the experience and pleasure of being on stage, we are motivated to offer our students the opportunity to feel like the protagonists of the event.

We would like to change the format - often established in other course - where professional dancers are invited to perform, and students are simply accompanying them in a group dance. 

Our idea is to integrate everyone, promoting different profiles and ages, where learning with illusion is possible for each of them.


The event LAND OF ALL will also be part of this show. An activity to present  the  intense work of improvisation and composition, culminating in a creative proposal,  which our participants have been working with different artists  using  different tools and styles encouraging the personality and talent of each of them. 

Gala Art & Stage.png
Gala Art & Stage

A celebration and farewell to the course opening the doors to the union.

The creation of bridge designed to connecting talents in a fusion of personalities, CREATIVITY.  

Where the protagonists are the current and future performers, on a generous artistic conjunction of repertoires and styles, based on the excellent work of all the artistic teachers involved.



José Cruz - Artistic Director


Professionals participating in our new event:

Dance & Holidays

Guest Teachers

We present to you our artistic advisers from JC-DAP and honored guests collaborating in our present and future projects


Cynthia Harvey

Artistic Advisor

Honored guest

First Dancer & International Teacher-

ABT American Ballet Theater, Royal Ballet of London.

Artistic Director of the American Ballet Theater School - Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis - New York


Aaron Watkin

Artistic Advisor

Honored guest

First Dancer and International Teacher-

Artistic Director Semperoper Ballet Dresden


Jason Beechey

Artistic Advisor

Honored guest

International Dancer & Teacher

Director of Palucca Hochschule für Tanz - Dresden


Olga Melnikova

Artistic Advisor

Honored guest

International Dancer & Teacher

Kirov Ballet, Palucca-Dresden


Marisa Yudes

Artistic Advisor

Honored guest

President of AEDA (Associació Escoles de Dansa Autoritzades de Catalunya)

Classical Dance Teacher

Teacher RAD

Founder & Artistic Director of the

Gala de Ballarins Catalans al Món


Francisco Martínez

Artistic Advisor

Honored guest

International Dancer & Teacher

Senior Lecturer at Juilliard School in New York


Carme cavaller

Artistic Advisor

LICEXBALLET-para firma correo.jpg

President of the LiceXballet Association declared by the Generalitat de Catalunya Entitat D'Interès Cultural


Iratxe & Igor

Artistic Advisors

International Dancers & Teachers

Directors Metamorphosis Dance

Guest Teachers

Kiril Radev_edited.jpg

Kiril Radev

International Teacher & Choreographer


Josianne Fleming

International Teacher-

Horton Technique


Jose Carlos Blanco

International Dancer & Teacher

Assistant for

Nacho Duato repertoire


Juan Polo

International Dancer & Teacher

Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma- Madrid

Anin Maycas_edited.jpg

Anin Maycas

International Dancer- Improvisation


José Cruz

International Dancer, Teacher-Coach & Choreographer


Jason Beechey

Internatinal Dancer & Teacher Director Palucca Hochschule für Tanz -Dresden

David Yudes..jpeg

David Yudes

International Dancer & Soloist of the Royal Ballet

of London


Esmeralda Maycas

International Dancer



Olga Melnikova

International Dancer

& Teacher-Coach

Kirov Ballet, Palucca-Dresden

Sandra Salietti PORTRAIT_edited.jpg

Sandra Salietti

International Dancer

Choreography and creation assistant with choreographer Giovanni Insaudo


Zoran Markovic

International Dancer & Teacher

Assistant for

Johan Inger repertoire

Roberto Saraceno, Asesor Comercial & Urb

Roberto Saraceno

International Teacher

Commercial & Urban Dance

Course Information

Hours and location

Jul 19 - Jul 31

Hours from 10:00 to 15:45. Including lunch break

Sitges, Barcelona, ​​C / Ramon Dalmases, 18, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, ​​Spain

Registration and reservation of the place

Entries are accepted for students aged 15 and over.

The total price of the course is € 600 , includes accident insurance and all classes (3 days - Saturdays included) and workshops, including the show at the end of the second week in the theater within the IAB facilities.


Students coming from outside the country must have valid insurance for Europe.


Dates of the first registration from April 1 to May 31, 2021.


When making the first registration, € 100 will be paid, the remaining € 500 will be paid by bank transfer before June 20, 2021.


Bank account: ES48 0182 5326 0602 0011 8817

In concept add: Dance & Holidays- DAP 21 + Your full name


• 100% of the registration deposit will be refunded only if the cancellation is made before May 31-2021.

• In case of cancellation between June 1 and June 30, 2021, only 50% of the € 100 deposit will be returned.

• In case of injury, illness or justified causes, prior to the start of the event, the full fee paid by the participant will be returned, except for 50% of the registration fee (€ 50 refund) for administrative costs.

• Once the 3rd International Dance Summer Course has started, JC Dance Art Projects will not reimburse the cost of this, in the event that a student must abandon it due to force majeure, but the case will be analyzed in case of providing a medical report.

Ensalada De Otoño

Lunch Break


We are pleased to announce that this year we offer you the possibility to join THE LIGHTHOUSE CLUB LUNCH:


A healthy lunch break in the cafeteria or terrace of the IAB-Sitges facilities.


A fresh catering of the day - specially designed and prepared for our Dance Summer Course.


Opening the attached PDF link, you will find the menu for each day from Monday to Saturday for both weeks.  

Menu of the day with 2 options: The option where the (V) is included is always vegetarian.

To this menu of the day, we will always add fruit or white yoghurt, whichever you choose, plus an energy bar.

Participants and family members will receive an informative email with more details about the order possibilities. 

Dancing and self-care is essential. 


The Hotel "Utopia" in Sitges is located very close to IAB and the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. It offers a wide range of rooms, from individual basic to fully equipped apartments. With written parental permission, students aged 16-18 can also stay at the hotel (official permission form required).


For accommodation between July 15 and August 3, the hotel management offers a 10% discount by entering the code 3INTDACE.


Information and reservations

For beach and pool lovers the "Subur Maritim" hotel could be perfect.

Located on the beach, the hotel offers spacious, air-conditioned rooms with beautiful views of the garden or the sea. It also has a large swimming pool that invites you to relax after a long day. Walking distance to IAB.

Information and reservations and enter the code "danceart"



If you prefer to stay in a quiet neighborhood, "Hotel de Sitges" should be your choice.
Located inland, about 3 km from IAB, this 4-star hotel offers cozy, air-conditioned rooms, a swimming pool to relax in, and very peaceful surroundings. Transportation to IAB is available and is arranged on our schedule.

Information and reservations using the code "DANCE2

Screenshot 2021-06-16 at
Screenshot 2021-06-16 at
Register Now!
Lunch Break
Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


* Participants must accept the rules, as well as the cancellation policy of the course that will be provided via email, to those selected. These will refer to the mode of action in case of a health emergency or in the case of infections once the event has started.


* JC Dance Art Projects retains the right to save any photo or video taken during the course for future announcements of other editions (not for sale to third parties). If you do not agree with these conditions, let us know before your arrival at the summer course.


* Physiotherapy or other treatments will be contracted according to the needs of the participants, paying them the costs of the treatment.


* JC-DAP is not responsible for any means of transportation to get to or from the IAB facilities, nor from the agreed hotels.


* JC-DAP will not reimburse the cost of accommodation in the event that a student must abandon it due to force majeure.


* The groups will be closed as the places are completed. Then a waiting list will be created. Due to the security measures for Covid 19, our course will have limited places, respecting the needs already used in the past year, and attending to the restrictions or situations that may arise due to the pandemic.


For more information or other questions please contact us in our contact form on the web.




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